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Project Objective, Pakistan's pioneering online travel and tours company, partnered with Havit Growth Agency to undergo a transformational journey. The objectives were to revamp the brand, enhance the online presence, develop and implement effective business growth strategies, and create a user-friendly web and mobile application for their travel services.

Client Overview


Industry: Travel and Tourism

Challenges: Rebranding, enhancing online presence, developing business growth strategies, and creating a seamless web and mobile application.

Solution Offered

Rebranding and Digitalization
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of’s brand identity, target market, and competition to devise a rebranding strategy.

  • Crafted a fresh and contemporary brand image to position as a modern and reliable travel company.

Logo Designing
  • Designed a new logo that represented the revamped brand identity, capturing the essence of travel and adventure.

Business Growth Strategies
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of’s business model, competitive landscape, and target audience to formulate effective business growth strategies.

  • Devised strategies focusing on market penetration, partnerships, and customer engagement to drive growth and establish a prominent position in the travel industry.

Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Developed a robust social media and digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, engage the target audience, and drive traffic to the website and application.

  • Utilized paid advertising, influencer collaborations, and content marketing to optimize digital reach and impact.

Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Designed and developed an intuitive web and mobile application for, providing a seamless booking experience for travelers.

  • Ensured the application was user-friendly, featured a wide range of travel services, and offered secure payment options.


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